The result our firm recently achieved for one of our clients exemplifies what a full-service employment law firm means. We represented a   young Southern California utility lineman who was severely injured on-the-job when a contractor’s crane negligently rolled into him.  . He spent 9 days in the hospital and was unable to work for 18 months. Michael Wax handled the workers compensation case, ensuring our client received medical care from a physician we selected, every penny of Temporary Disability benefits, and the best permanent disability rating available under the law. Jon Vanderpool, with assistance from associate Kathryn Schultz, sued the crane company and battled high-priced L.A. lawyers and insurers to secure a seven figure settlement for our client’s lost past & future wages, pain and suffering. We navigated him through the workers compensation and court systems while keeping his job. He was recently promoted.

Many of you know us as labor lawyers that protect employees’ jobs and rights. But this case result shows how SSVW goes the extra mile for our clients. Employees and their family members get injured, not just on the job but by other unforeseen and often-times tragic circumstances. If you trust our expertise and reputation to protect employment rights, trust us also to recover just compensation when you or any family member or friend gets injured.

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