Ann, yesterday’s decision by the California Supreme Court regarding Prop B was the result of a lot of hard work by several professionals.  Those professionals spoke in behalf of current and future employees impacted by this illegally implemented pension reform.  We all recognize that no one has been more dedicated and passionate than you and we see you as the driving force behind the legal challenges.  We appreciate and respect your hard work.  Even though there remains more work to do, yesterday’s decision was pivotal as you move ahead trying to correct a wrong.

On behalf of all retirees, in particular the Retired Fire and Police Association, thank you very much.  

Dave Hall, President, RFPA (speaking for all RFPA board members)


No matter the outcome of my case, I want you to know that I am forever grateful for your advocacy and representation.

Lisa H.

Employment Law

Thank you so much for supporting me and making sure I was taken care of.  I am extremely happy and grateful for your help. I am back to work and enjoying every minute of teaching.

Alicia M.


Thank you so much for all your help.  You really helped my mom through one of the toughest times in her career and she is once again enjoying being a teacher.

Raul K.

Employment Law

You’ve been a non-stop force for good (similar to a Jedi Master) . . . Not sure what other words I could use to describe how grateful I am that you’ve dedicated yourself and career to ensuring fair and equitable working conditions for so many through these years.  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

Larry W.

Employment Law

This is to thank you for your assistance with this nightmare. My family and I are elated and thankful this is finally over. With your help and support, we were able to overcome.

Edward S.

Injury Law

It has been a pleasure to meet with you throughout this very difficult time in my life and I do appreciate all of the support I received.

Seena L.


I cannot thank you enough for all of your support and help during my ups and downs at Vista.  You really are a fantastic attorney and anyone who gets you is very lucky because you care.

Michelle F.


Jon – Thank you again for fighting the fight on [my spouse’s] behalf and for the counsel and guidance…It has been an indescribable time in my life and you have lessened my load.  My best, 

Al S.

Employment Law

Thank you for your services. You helped us through a very tough time. You are thorough, knowledgeable and caring. We really appreciate everything. Thank you!



Your talents, knowledge, dedication and ideals are of the highest degree and I feel so proud whenever you speak for us.  This litigation has come to an end, but my gratitude will continue forever.

Roxanne D.

Education Law

Thank you for all the hard work and support…You are a wonderful person and a great lawyer

Jack H.

Employment Law

Ann (Smith) is a true blessing for us (City) workers – I do not think most of us are truly aware of her abilities. Her empathy towards workers cannot be matched by many.

Mark H


We have been warmly and securely shepherded through all of this by you and we are grateful.  Not only did your counsel reduce a lot of stress, the settlement is far higher than it would have been without you.


Employment Law

In my book, you are a STAR. You made the worst situation that has ever happened to me enjoyable and I will never be able to thank you enough.

John R.

Employment Law

Thank you for your support. It meant the world to me!

Christine R.

Injury Law

You’re a terrific attorney. I appreciate the help. You gave great service. Hopefully I won’t need your services in the future, but if any of my friends or acquaintances need a great attorney, I’ll refer them to you.

Herb S.

Employment Law

Thank you for your encouragement and the integrity of each step we took. It was always for the right reason!  This settlement will be a cornerstone that will remind administration and all staff that we need to be treated with dignity and respect for the teaching profession we have dedicated ourselves to.  No Norma Rae, but we left our mark!  My heartfelt thanks for your commitment to my case.

Marcia K., June 2017


Thank you for your dedication and loyalty to doing what is right.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have in my heart!

Stacey F.


Hello Ann I just received a letter from SDCERS….  Just keeping you in the loop.  GOD BLESS YOU ANN YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER.

Kevin G.

Employment Law

Thank you for the diligent and highly qualified legal counsel you provided.

Rebekah L.

Employment Law

Jon V., I have to thank you for taking the time to thoroughly review my work situation.  I can’t say how much I appreciated your candor and a very sensible explanation. 

Robert C.


We could not have asked for, nor received, better representation in this effort.

James W.

Employment Law

You really bailed me out of a jam and delivered what you said I should expect.  I am very grateful.

Scott D.

Injury Law

You turned out to be the exact gutsy, knowledgeable, NO FEAR attorney I wanted.

Sherry W.

Personal Injury

I have to say that I work with hundreds of Attorneys, and the passion and dedication that Ann and Kathryn gave to this case was unique and much more rare than it should be in your profession.  You both did a great job from the initial investigation to truly understand the nuances of each argument and keep fighting to get the  righteous and correct points across to the judge and opposing side.  It was a pleasure working with pros that care and do everything they can for their client.  Your clients could not have been better represented. 

Civil Engineer Expert, July 2017


Thank you and Ms. Diaz for your great communication, attention to detail, and for helping me to resolve my claim.  You were both extremely helpful and professional.

Sally M.

Injury Law

Thank you for all your effort!! Greatly appreciate the Justice.

Barbara G.

Litigation and Employment Law

We recognize and appreciate your well-known, long-time advocacy of public servants who find themselves in troubling or helpless situations.  You are a true San Diego treasure!

Larry & Sharon R.

Employment Law

While supposedly a person of words, I find myself void of the ones that might best express the depth of my appreciation to you for your excellence in handling my case. You have, personally, been everything that I could ever have wished for — not only as a counselor, but especially as a person I could trust, whose integrity and compassion was balanced by wisdom and capable articulation. Thank you, Thank you for all that you are, and all that you have done.

Peggy M.

Education Law

You always know just the right thing to do

Cindy A.

Education Law

Thank you for your time and talent.

Grossmont Education Association

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